STURS Friends

Jason Morse ~ The Crypto Crew
Jason is our official "go to" person for all things Bigfoot!  Jason is part of The Crypto Crew. 
Jason has won "Researcher Of The Year" for 2014 Paranormal Awards amongst many other awards.

Samantha Hawes from Ghost Hunters

Scott Gruenwald from Paranorma Paparazzi and
Para Whore

Chris DiCesare from SyFy's "School Spirits", Author and the C2D1 Haunting

Dustin Pari of Ghost Hunters and
Ghost Hunters International

Ken DeCosta ~ Founder of our sister team
RISEUP Paranormal and also a member of the
TAPS Home Team.

Brian Cano ~ The Haunted Collector and SCARED!

Jay Wasley from Ghost Adventures and Sun House Films along with his wife Ashley

Marc Arvilla and Lauren Sheridan from DTM Wicked Radio's Paranormal Hangover and also from MGH Paranormal Team & Glory Haunt Hounds

Chip Coffey from Psychic Kids and Paranormal State

Amy Allan and Steve Di Schiavi from The Dead Files

Shannon Sylvia from Ghost Hunters International

Daniel Hooven from Haunted Encounters & Paranormal Challenge
Joey "Jiggy" Webb ~  Host of The Paranormal Hood

Andrea Perron ~ Eldest daughter of the Perron family from which the movie THE CONJURING was based on their experiences and also the author of the trilogy ~ House of Darkness House of Light

Rosalyn Bown from Ghost Hunters Academy

Jane Riley from Ghost Hunters Academy & John Brightman from NEPA & featured on many shows such as A Haunting, Ghost Adventures & My Ghost Story joined STURS for "A Haunted Evening with STURS at the Seacoast Rep" along with Knate Higgins as seen with STURS on My Ghost Story.

Joe Chin ~ Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Paranormal After Party and RISEUP Teammate

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